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new feature proposition

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Thanks for you software. Currently I'm testing your pro version and due to my specific usage of multi-monitoring I see a possible evolution of displayFusion with a new feature.
I use in one room a first classic monitor with a mouse and a keyboardf and in a second second room a second multi-touch monitor (and sometimes another mouse). I use some of my applications on the both monitors. My problem is when I'm using the the multi-touch monitor and I would like to have an application that is already opened on the other monitor (for any reason). Because I don't have a keyboard I can't use keyboard shortcut. The only solution for me is to go on the other room and then I can use either the keyboard or your "awesome button" to move the application to the other monitor.
And even if I configure the displayFusion taskbar to show me all application opened on the both screen I can't force the application to open on the monitor where I click on it on the task bar.
I see here a opportunity to add a new feature to your software. Either adding a menu on right click on the application icon on the taskbar to order on which monitor to open or by proposing in the configuration tool to modify the default behavior when we click on the application in the task bar to open on the monitor where we click.
May 21, 2011  • #1
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When creating shortcuts on the secondary taskbar (right-click the taskbar, go to Multi-Monitor Taskbar > Shortcuts > Edit Shortcuts), there's a checkbox to allow you to force the application to be opened on the same screen as the taskbar.

We've also got a feature request in to allow applications launched from the DisplayFusion Start Menu to open on the same screen. I've added your vote to it

May 23, 2011  • #2
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Yes but unfortunately the shortcut can't restore window of an already launched software not on the good monitor. Pending a DisplayFusion new feature, I created a little software based on a script with the software "AutoIt" that I put on the desktop of my second monitor to move without keyboard the window of application that I activate through the task bar (but open on the other/bad monitor) to this monitor. If someone is interested this is my AutoIt script:
;the first part is only to have the focus on the window of the targeted software even if I click on the icon of the application including this script
May 24, 2011  • #3
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Ah yes, that's a bit of a limitation with how Windows launches applications that already have a window open. You could add a Window Location rule but that would force all windows of a certain application to open on the touch screen, so not really sure if that works for you.

Thanks for sharing the AutoIT script though, nice creative workaround!
May 25, 2011  • #4
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Just a quick update, 3.4.0 Beta 3 now has an option to launch programs from the secondary Start Menus on the same screen. Note that it does not work with the Classic Start Menu in Vista and XP.
Jun 21, 2011  • #5
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