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New Prospect, version 4.0.1 stability

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Patrick Hackett
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I am looking for an alternative to a competitors Multi-screen product. I like what I see about your product and the fact that company appears to be very proactive in maintaining and fixing the product. I have noticed that he new release seems to have issues (which you are aggressively following up on). However, I need to have something stable. If I am presenting a replacement software to the boss, it has to be better than the one he has as far as stable goes.

My question is to anyone out there, is the 4.0.1 version solid (stable, tried and true etc.) in the Windows 7 64 bit environment? If so, I will probably do the purchase and install that version while 4.1 gets it's final touches.

I appreciate everybody's input on this.


Aug 23, 2012  • #1
Wolverine1977's profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Hi Patrick Hackett,

I've been using this software for a long time now and I find that even the Beta versions are Rock solid. So far I have not experienced a crash or instability in using it with Windows 7 Enterprise x64 running 2 1080P screens. I primarily use it for Office, Movies, Web surfing. I'm not a big gamer so can't speak to how it reacts to games - but for general/ advanced windows use.

I recommend this application to all my friends who use multiple monitors and many after testing the trial version have purchased. The customer support is by far the best I have experienced from any company - Quick to respond and as quick to fix or assist.

I'd say it's a no brainer
Aug 23, 2012 (modified Aug 24, 2012)  • #2
Alan Wade's profile on WallpaperFusion.com
I have been using DisplayFusion for a couple of years now and as already stated even the beta's are solid!
There will as I am sure you will appreciate, always little niggles for some people but the DF crew are very fast to try to sort them out. The product just keeps going from strength to strenght.

Very highly recommended.

Aug 24, 2012  • #3
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Patrick Hackett
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Thanks to all for your input. I decided to go ahead and download the trial (per DisplayFusion support's suggestion) and everything is looking great so far. I had been troubleshooting a WP frequent Freeze issue and it was narrowing down to the possibilty of "another multi-monitor solution and WordPerfect X5" incompatibility. On this intial test with much copying and pasting etc. it is "so far so good".

Best Regards,
Aug 24, 2012  • #4
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Glad to hear it Patrick! Don't hesitate to ask if you run into any issues at all

Thanks for the good reviews as well Alan and Wolverine
Aug 27, 2012  • #5
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