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open programs on a specific monitor

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I has used UltraMon in the past be move over to DisplayFusion when it got windows 7 support.

I would linke to know if the is any to add a feature to open programs on a specific monitor similar to Ultramon (

This is because I have one app that wants to start in the middle of the spaned monitors. the problem being the 2nd monitor is to the left of main monitor. The app centers from the left edge of main monitor causing the app window not tho display in viewable area.

The app is 'HoverIP' from
Oct 1, 2009  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
This is an excellent idea, and one that I have on my to-do list for a future version. I anticipate that this feature will be included around version 3.4. Thanks! :)
Oct 1, 2009  • #2
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