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periodic black screen

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I am getting "black screens" that flash and then go back to correct display, every few minutes or so: very frustrating.

I have tried a variety of fixes, but can't seem to find a way- I am not sure this is DF, but worth a try?

Thank you for your help resolving this!

(Win7x64, 2 30" monitors + 1 small displaylink monitor)
Apr 29, 2013  • #1
Alan Wade's profile on
The easiest way to find out if it is DF is to shut it down and then see if the screen flashes stop or not.
Apr 30, 2013  • #2
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
@Erle: Alan is correct, the best way to verify whether DisplayFusion is causing this is to exit DisplayFusion completely, and then see if it still occurs. Please let me know how it works out once you've had a chance to try it :)

Apr 30, 2013  • #3
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