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PowerPoint presenter view

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I recently purchased a 5120x1440 monitor and using DisplayFusion to chunk into separate monitors. I've looked through the discussion threads to find some answers, but I haven't seen anything current regarding PowerPoint.

Key for me with my prior dual physical monitor setup was give a presentation in one Monitor, with Presenter mode in another so I can use my speaker notes. Key these days of WFH and Zoom presentations. I followed the instructions for setting a hotkey to mirror a split so I can limit what I share in Zoom. I just don't see anything recent in the DF discussion threads on how to address the PowerPoint "Primary Monitor Only" issue. I tried Microsoft PowerToys as well but same issue.
Dec 1, 2020  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Are you referring to running a Power Point presentation full screen?
Dec 4, 2020  • #2
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Yes. With WFH doing plenty of Zoom meetings delivering presentations. PowerPoint open and going into presentation mode, with Use Presenter View turned on so that you get two monitors. One with the presentation full screen. One with the speaker notes and next slide preview.

With dual monitors this was not an issue.

One adjustment is to go into Slide Show/Set Up Slide Show/Show Type and change to "Browsed by and individual (window)" as the selection. This works great with DF to have PowerPoint present in just one of the zones instead of taking over the 32:9 screen. However, PowerPoint still has no way to see a DF zone as a separate/distinct monitor so I still can't use Presenter View.

My workaround choices so far are to 1) I'm using a laptop as my work computer, so I open my lid and turn on my laptop screen. My graphics card can't power my 32:9 in its full 5120x1440 resolution AND handle my 1920x1080 laptop screen, but it can switch to 3180x1080 on my 32:9 and power the laptop screen. This works, but not ideal.

Option 2 is my 32:9 monitor supports Picture By Picture (PBP). So I have tried running another HDMI cable from my dock to my monitor and turning on PBP. This gives me "2 monitors" to the same computer. DF doesn't behave too well though as that 32:9 resolution now gets squished into 16:9. I didn't spend a lot of time on it but didn't find a way to easily/dynamically fix it.

Preferred option 3 would be that DF somehow would let me designate a zone as a virtual monitor that Windows/PowerPoint sees. Seems tougher but that would be the best. Barring that, option 1 worked best for me, but only because I have a laptop. If I had a desktop, option 2 would have to be it, along with figuring out a way to easily switch things around.
Dec 4, 2020  • #3
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Understood, yep! Unfortunately DisplayFusion can't make Windows think there are two physical monitors attached, so Power Point will never see the splits as target monitors. Your workaround with using the laptop display is the best one if you need to use presenter view.
Dec 4, 2020  • #4
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