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Problem with the affect of color settings, left and right displays

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Windows 7 64bit / displayfusion 4.0.1 / Digital Asset Manager program / Dual 20" Samsung SyncMaster 204BW Displays

I use a wonderful Digital Asset Management software, but I'm not naming it here. This issue appears to be my PC, not the software, but the symptoms appear when using this D.A.M program. I don't know if this is related to displayfusion, but I'm hoping you can help me solve the problem in any case.

I have compared the settings of the two displays and they appear to be the same. I'm using the display profile from my last calibration on both displays as the default.

1) When 'the program' is open on my right hand display where I normally keep it. Thumbnails (all images for that matter) are dark and muddy, see attachment. No change if I mouse over or click them.

2) When I drag the screen to my left display, thumbs remain dark till I mouse over, then they all look 'normal'.

3) When I drag the screen back to the right hand display, thumbs look good till I mouse over, then they darken again. It's obvious that there are differences in the display settings, but I can't find them.

4) Once upon a time, I had the same issue with Picasa, but the problem went away.

"This software uses a complete ICC-based color-managed workflow for all image displays (thumbnails, slide show, viewer, Quick View Panel). This software uses the color profile set for the monitor on which the panel or this software's main window is displayed.

If you have multiple monitors, each monitor can (and usually has) a different profile. This software deals with the situation that a user moves the window from one monitor to another monitor by automatically updating the colors to match the profile of the new monitor. This sometimes takes till the next refresh (you hovering with the mouse). Make sure a proper display profile is set for the second monitor".

Help very much appreciated - Thank you, IM
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Jun 7, 2012  • #1
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If you exit DisplayFusion completely, does this issue still occur?

Jun 13, 2012  • #2
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Keith - Didi I say thanks for your help? When I compared my calibrated profiles for both screens, one of the profiles was half the file size of the other, probably corrupted. I replace both with a backup and all is well. Thanks you for your support, IM
Jun 22, 2012  • #3
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Excellent, glad to hear you were able to get it sorted out!
Jun 22, 2012  • #4
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