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Process related triggers nonfunctional

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I have been having trouble getting the trigger "Process Created" and "Process Ended" working at all. This has been an issue for me for months now, and have now encountered the same thing on a new PC. For most situations, I have been able to get around it by using "Window Created" & "Window Destroyed".
Unfortunately for me, this does not seem to work for fullscreen applications, which I am now confronted with.
I have read through this thread on the subject, however I'm fairly sure that my case is different.
You should find the log files attached to this, I have reproduced the issue around 19h30.
Precisely, in order :
1-Cleared DisplayFusion logs
2-Opened [application].exe
3-Loaded [application] into fullscreen
4-Loaded [application] out of fullscreen
5-Closed [application] normally
6-Opened [application].exe
7-Closed [application].exe normally
8-Opened [application].exe
9-Force closed [application].exe using task manager.
None of these steps triggered any trigger results using "Process Created/Ended"
Doing the same with "Window Created" correctly triggers, but fullscreen unfortunately triggers the "Window Destroyed" trigger, even after setting a delay to check for the correct and new conditions of the fullscreen application (which has the exact same process name and window title contents).
What I would like to happen is quite simply use the triggers to load and unload a particular monitor profile while the process is running, regardless of whether or not it is in fullscreen.
Thanks in advance for your help !
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10 days ago (modified 10 days ago)  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
Could you send me a screenshot of the trigger you created?
9 days ago  • #2
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