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Profiles switching, start button not behaving

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Michael Beaudoin (“SaTheLaTe”)87449
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Hi guys, i have just bought this awesome program that im still figuring out.

Go to >>>> to step directly into the problem

So far ive remotely linked it with my android phone wich has no issues at all
I then created profiles within the full win program (i have a steam key if it is any more relevant)
Ive installed it in my c: program files even tho all my steam files are in another drive so it can reach proper windows security clearance as mentionned in the DF faq

Now heres my setup
Nvidia surround activated Gtx 780 Ti on my triple monitor setup runing widow without bezel compensation (im only doing bezel adjustement within games) so my resolyution is standard full HD 3X1 5760 x 1080

Ive closed nvidia helper and restarting my pc right away like it is showned again in FAQ....
All taskbar seems to behave correctly from here... i did had an hard time to make the center start menu works tho.. couple of restart and settings within DF itself, finally started to work

Everything works so far

Now to here is the main reason i bought this program

Im runing on my TV an Nvidia Shield and EVERYBODY that owns an Nvidia shield knows that nvidia screwed their gamestream app recently within gforce experience and their drivers and i cant turn on gamestreaming if i dont COMPLETELY close surround inside Nvidia control panel (Wich is an absoljute pain to turn back on cause you have like 2153 programs to close before you can turn it back on -_-)

That being said, i use the "Steam Link" android tv app to stream meanwhile my games... So far so good but i have to manually change my windows desktop resolution because we all know what happens even when you fiddle with the in-home streaming settings to lock it to normal 1920 x 1080 while streaming ! it actually change the resolution too late after oppening steam big picture and your stuck either with no image at all or with a super wide narow letterbox....

SOOOO frustrating.....
Easier to work around tho since like i said, i just need to change the resolution manually before starting the stream and voila.
My Pc in wake by lan enabled and i can easily start it from the distance so Ive search for a way to remotely change desktop resolution and guess what, Display Fusion came out so many times, i decided to give it a try.... what a suprise ive already instealled it sometimes before apparently (i knew i recognize that program icons from somewhere) soooo, no trial for me :(
So i went on steam and blindfully bought the full app after visiting everything this program can offer wishing it would do what i want it to do

Bingo everything works and my 2 side monitor just shut themselves off from distance !!!

FEWWW :D what a relief ! :D Awesome

Here is my problem so far

2 monitor profile auto split with nvidia surround check mark

One using the full gaming setup profiles (5760 x 1080 )and one using only one screen (ofc 1920 x 1080) so i then, can connect to it from my bed using my nvidia shield and start streaming right away without the need to go all the way to the office room to change manually

I turned off in advanced settings the prompt confirmation since im unable to see it when im next room starting the streaming
Works great

Now, On the triple screen, the taskbars works flawlessly as stated above, but as soon as i switch to my one monitor profile, even before streaming, locally when i click the start menu, the start button grey out when clicked as it should and stay a bit greyed out since the start menu is open until you click elsewhere or on the start menu again wich is a way to know that the start menu is open....only problem is : it is nowhere to be found.... the start menu does NOT show up O_o
either clicking it or taping the KB win key does not show the start menu at all, only the button grey out a bit. Cortana works perfectly, system tray as well, even the clock shows up the calendar in a perfect position... but no start menu

Switching back to full gaming setup (5760 x 1080) giving it a couple seconds to restart the taskbars and boom, all start menu are back to work as they should :) ...

I tought would it be windowsblind that mess with Display fusion behavior, i completely removed the theme reverting to original ugly window 10 theme, stopped it from auto booting with windows, restarted, fully original windows but still same issue O_o

Any ideas ?

Tyvm and sorry for the long post, i tried to best describe my situation
Jun 16, 2018 (modified Jun 16, 2018)  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
We've just posted 9.3 Beta 1, and it's got a couple of improvements to the Start menu code. Could you give it a try and let me know how it goes? You can update through the Settings > Options tab in DisplayFusion.
Jun 19, 2018  • #2
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