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Randomly Load a Wallpaper Profile

When you've created multiple wallpaper profiles, you can associate them with monitor profiles, but you can also apply them randomly. Follow the directions here to have your wallpaper profiles randomly selected.
You will need two or more Wallpaper Profiles for this function to work.
  • Right-click the DisplayFusion tray icon and click "Desktop Wallpaper." You can also access this via the Options tab in Settings.
  • Click the Wallpaper Profile dropdown.
  • If you have two or more Wallpaper Profiles, continue to the directions below. Otherwise, create additional profiles before continuing.
  • Right-click the DisplayFusion icon and click "Settings."
  • Select the Functions tab and click the "Scripted Function" dropdown. Then click "Download Scripted Function."
  • Double-click the "Randomly Load a Wallpaper Profile" function.
  • The Scripted Function window will open. Click "OK" to complete the download and add it to your Function list.
  • From the Settings window, click "OK."
  • Download the Scheduled Task XML
  • On your computer, open the Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Click "Task Scheduler Library" in the left pane, then "Import Task..." in the right pane.
  • Select the Scheduled Task XML file you downloaded previously, and click "Open."
  • The Create Task dialog window will open. Here you can customize various Triggers, Actions, etc. for the new task.
  • Once complete, click "OK" to save the Scheduled Task.
To schedule a time or event to apply a specific Wallpaper Profile, see this guide: Scheduling Wallpaper Changes
Mar 13, 2015 (modified Aug 15, 2022)  • #1
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