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Recently having major issues with multiple monitors

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Hello, after happy use of displayfusion for many years, including about 2 years with my current setup, I recently started having intermittment issues with all non-primary monitors cutting out. Could be other causes but I thought I'd start here to see if you can help interpret the logs.

    1. I have a four monitor setup (3 computer monitors + one smart TV used as a monitor via hdmi), running off of a 3070.

    2. At random times (so far, always with display fusion active, and with all four monitors active), the three non-primary monitors (which includes the TV) will all simultaneously cut out, seemingly detecting no input from the PC (but not losing any power).

    3. This lasts about 5-10 seconds, with the primary monitor continuing to function normally.

    4. Then all four monitors begin blinking on and off steadily and seemingly in sync. In the second when they "blink on" they appear to receive signal and display normally before immediately blinking off. This continues for about 30 seconds.

    5. After the 30 seconds of blinking, all four monitors return to an active functioning state, with open programs across the four monitors now all grouped on the primary only.

I turned on minimal debug logging the other day, and have attached current logs. I think this happened at least twice since I turned logging on, but a specific instance where this happened is around 2022/11/16 11:07, maybe 11:08. From just the logs I can't quite identify the exact moment when it happened.

Do you all see anything in the attached logs that might point me in the right direction to prevent this from happening? I can upload the debuginfofile too, just wasn't sure if it's ok to share from a privacy perspective.

Thanks for any help you can offer!
• Attachment: Debug 221116.log [6,202,951 bytes]
Nov 16, 2022 (modified Nov 16, 2022)  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
There shouldn't be anything in DisplayFusion that would be causing issues like that. In the log I can see the "WM_DEVICECHANGE" messages which are sent out by Windows whenever a device disconnect/connect happens on the system.

My guess is that one of the monitors is faulty, or has a faulty cable. When it drops out, it would trigger Windows to do a full display re-detection. If the monitor/cable is intermittently faulty, it could definitely cause Windows to do multiple re-detections in a row.

Try disconnecting one of the monitors, and leaving it disconnected for a couple of days to see if the issue goes away. If it doesn't, plug it back in, and try another monitor. Repeat until the issue goes away. Then you'll know it's either an issue with that monitor, or the cable for that monitor.

If that doesn't locate the monitor with the issue, it could be a problem with your video card, or even the power supply in the computer (maybe the power supply is starting to fail and can't give the video card enough power).

Hope that points you in the right direction, good luck tracking it down!
Nov 16, 2022  • #2
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