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Chris G1
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Hi there,

I use a free Windows Store app (RegionToShare) to share parts of my screen for virtual meetings.

I want to set a trigger to make sure it is sized and at a set location on launch. However, for some reason it doesn't show up in the app list in DisplayFusion. I tried dragging the target icon to identify the process but it doesn't pick anything up. In Task Manager it is running as RegionToShare.exe but setting that as the trigger process does not work either.

Please advise how I can troubleshoot. Thanks.

I am running DF 10.1.2
21 days ago  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
Yeah it seems to have a funky overlay that messes it up. Try disabling the "Start Activated" setting, and then use the Window Text match condition with "Region to Share" and it should work. You may need to add a delay before it checks the match condition as well, 1000ms seemed to work here.
21 days ago  • #2
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