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Request: Better Wallpaper Abilities for DF

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Martin Kock
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I would like in the future to be able to drag images onto a hotcorner/top-edge or taskbar ( I am using DF multi-monitor taskbars ) to be able to set that images as desktop image for that screen.
The reason is that setting up each and every profile/image for 3 monitors each time can be a bit tedious.

So the scenario is as follows : I have several images on my computer that I wish to use as wallpapers... at least for the next 4-5 hours ;)
So I just drag the images onto a hotcorner/top-edge or taskbar and presto, that is now my new wallpaper on that monitor.
For easy profiling whenever this action is taken DF could save a template profile which can be easily renamed. For multi-monitors there could be an option to only make the profile when all monitors have "received" new wallpapers, to avoid creating 2 or more profiles or use a hotkey to rename current wallpaper profile.
Also a wish would be that said images would be copied to a "wallpaper" folder so not to break the wallpapers if you move the original folder. If the images also would be saved under profile name in the wallpaper folder that would just be so darn nice :)

So for an example :
I have 3 pictures of cars located in different directories.
When I drag picture of car1 to topedge of my left monitor it will be set as wallpaper on that screen ( with default settings I think which is Fit best and maintain aspect ratio (clip edges) ) but also copied to C:\Program Files\DisplayFusion\Wallpaper\Temp-profile\filename ( Can be set in DF where to save pictures by the user )
Same for car2 and car3 pictures and when all 3 monitors have been set, DF can ask me if I want to save/rename the profile or with a hotkey
When you then rename the profile the "Temp-profile" folder changes to that new name ( useful if you have many pictures with the same name f.ex 01.jpg and for general overview )

Also a possibility could be if you drag a whole folder onto one of the hotcorners/top-edge it will display all images in that folder on all screens with default settings for desktop slideshow.

Hope you get the idea I'm trying to explain here and consider it useful for DisplayFusion.

Nov 18, 2018  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
This isn't something that we'd likely be able to implement, but you can do something similar with the DisplayFusion Wallpaper window. Click "New Profile," then you can drag and drop image files directly onto the monitor previews in the wallpaper window to set them.

Hope that helps!
Nov 19, 2018  • #2
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