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Request...All in One Desktop Wallpaper Changer

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I spent afew hrs tonight looking for a wallpaper changer, and every one i ran into seemed to only have a few more options then you provide... maybe you guys could corner the market?

Would it be possible to implement these items into Display fusion.. And in a timely manner? I know i could sell a few display fusions to friends online and in real life. I'd also be willing to pay an additional license for desktop wallpaper improvement.

Urgent, or what i would assume would be quick additions
(number 2 & 3. would be a STELLAR improvement!)

1. ability to add multiple folder locations, and read from all folders in order, shuffled etc.
2. implement a way for desktop wallpaper to show up in right clicks... pause current image, goto next image, goto previous image, open image location (with image highlighted when brought to location) edit image in editor of choice (photoshop)
3. ability to show name of photo WITHOUT extension... some users my name there photo's example, a travel photo. when those images are loaded in wallpaper changer, if a picture of Grand canyon pops up and it's named. a nice font would be allowed on the screen in your set settings (choice of fonts, colors, sizes, position/upper right, upper left, bottom right, bottom left, centered top, centered bottom, centered in image, etc)

Future additions

4. time of day changer... this is a neat one i noticed, as day goes by images change according to your set images for that time of day...business owners could have there's logo's changing from 9 to 5, and then other images after work, or at nighttime only play space wallpapers, etc.. could also have an option for seasonal timers. in winter months only play winter images... basically one could make image themes/playlists. Setup timers like alarm clocks/to do's... on these holidays play thee papers
5. the ability to take the playlists/Themes/profiles and save them, so one could implement a kitchen zone, or recreational zone, bedroom zone, party zone etc
6. a right click share to option... share to desktop, email, facebook, google+ flicker, etc...
7. wallpaper effects, collage a certain folder, shuffle, play in order, zoom in/zoom out while images change
8. this one's reaching, but set music tracks to themes
Dec 27, 2012 (modified Dec 27, 2012)  • #1
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I'd even be willing to throw in beer $ for implementing parts 2 and 3
Dec 27, 2012  • #2
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looking like version 5 may have goto location built in?

"Added a "Show in Explorer" menu item to the wallpaper window (right-click a monitor in the preview pane at the top)"
does this mean when one right clicks anywhere, it will give the option to goto location from windows right click menu?!?! This would be stellar!

can i try beta 5 and roll back to version 4? with no issues to see how it works?

will other simplier requests be implemented as welll? pause, next, previous in right click?
Thank you!
Dec 28, 2012  • #3
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well i couldn't wait. tee hee hee...
gave it a go, and it finds the wallpaper, but i have to click monitor 4, any other monitor i click it's greyed out.

i'd still like to request to be able to do this with a right click anywhere on the desktop, or in taskbar, or in window...so that we don't have to go into wallpaper settings. just a quick right click Desktop Wallpaper Settings/click show location, pause, next, previous... i could so sell this program to my dad, if process were simpler, and he wouldn't fear screwing up what i've all done for him by being forced into wallpaper settings... ive learned throughout the yrs, less options the better for him... information overload.
Thanks, loving the progress!
Dec 28, 2012  • #4
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Sorry for the late response!

1. You should be able to add multiple folders already using "My Computer" as the source, and the "Add Folder" button. Does that not work the way you're expecting it to?

2. I've added your vote to an open feature request for this. However, it may not be technically possible to do, so we still need to do more investigating on it.

3. Could you try using the <wp-title> tag instead of the file name? I believe that may do what you're looking for.

4. Added your vote to a feature request for this. It is currently possible, though a bit tedious to configure: http://www.displayfusion.com/KB/WallpaperScheduledTask

5. The best way to do this at the moment would be to save each setup using the "Backup Settings" button on the Options tab, and save each one as a different file. You can then load each one using the "Restore Settings" button.

6, 7. I've added these to our feature request list.

8. This is kind of outside the scope of DisplayFusion, sorry!
Jan 2, 2013  • #5
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Looks like you have been busy replying to a large assortment of posts. Thanks for reply and with such detail as always.
1. Thanks.. got it
2. This option would be stellar. just a quick way for someone to pause, ffwd, rdw. and above all open file location. even if only possible via taskbar right click. it would make thing so much faster and noob proof (for my father)
3. Thanks so much!
4. not really a biggie, and yes does look tedious, will wait to see if you guys come up with something smoother before i dive in to task scheduler.
5.perfect, thank you!
6. Thanks. i think it would be a great add on, and ofr us graphics people, a great way to quickly edit a wallpaper that's popped up, and then share it.
7. i thought so... never hurts to ask would be neat though for those of us who use display fusion for just picture frames... one could just pick there picture them, then chose open audio theme and attach with christmas them, all christmas pics would play, and all christmas music files would play.

Out of curiosity, when /if the play, pause, ffwd, rwd, open file location quick click access gets implemented, will you be giving an update here? then i can have a test, and buy some more licenses
Thanks Keith for your time, And Happy New Year!
Jan 3, 2013  • #6
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
No problem! We'll definitely post an update in this topic if/when we're able to implement any of the features you requested here
Jan 9, 2013  • #7
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hey Keith jus checkin in, i know ive posted a few times about adding the previous wallpaper image to right click/all settings...we had a few discussions on how to accomplish... setting up a small cache etc... still in the worx? on the horizon? Or not a big desire from the masses yet?

Luvin DisplayF... sent a another geek your way cple wks ago... he's upto 3 monitors now.

best decison i ever made was to go multimonitor... up to 4 large display, and one 20" touch. so nice/much more productive... now if i could only get them all 5 2b touch. wowser!!!

hope all has been well here.
May 22, 2019 (modified May 22, 2019)  • #8
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for checking in! There hasn't been a big demand for these features, no. They're still open on our feature request list though, so we will let you know if/when we do implement them

May 23, 2019  • #9
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