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Screen freezing caused by Display Fusion

Mark Varley
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I have been struggling with a screen freezing problem for a few weeks now, since upgrading my graphics card my system will randomly crash with a frozen screen(s), after an incredible amount of diagnosis I have narrowed it down to a problem with display fusion.

I was using an AMD 7970, formerly alongside an R9 280 but alone for a while after it died, and everything was fine.
When I upgraded to an AMD R9 290X 8GB I started having crashes, sometimes within minutes of booting, sometimes while using chrome, sometimes just doing nothing.

I tried a range of hardware combinations but if my 290x is in my machine I would get crashes (I've tried older, current and beta drivers).

I uninstalled displayfusion three days ago and I have had zero crashes since, I have pushed the system by benchmarking, torturing and my usual workflow of Photoshop and Video Editing.

This morning I reinstalled displayfusion and crashed almost immediately after a reboot, and again it had crashed when I came back to the computer about ten minutes after rebooting.

I've uninstalled it again so that I can work, but I am willing to work with the developers to try and troubleshoot this issue, let me know what you need and how to get any error logs etc and I'll reinstall it when I have time and get you some data.

System Specs:
Windows 10 Pro x64
OS and Software on a pair of SSD's
4x 3TB Toshiba mechanical drives
CPU: AMD FX-8350
MB: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 (latest bios)
RAM: 32GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical (running on XMP)
GPU: XFX R9 290X 8GB
PSU: Corsair AX1200i
Sound: Creative Soundblaster Xtreme Audio (PCI)
Monitors x3 (2xDVI, 1xHDMI)
KB: Corsair K50
Mouse: Razer Naga Epic
Bitdefender Total Security is running in the background.
I was using Process Lasso but removed it during diagnostics.
Fossamail and Chrome (with multiple tabs) are usually running also.
Sep 17, 2015  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Thanks for the details Mark! Does the system just hardlock (mouse and keyboard stop working, requiring a hard reset of the machine)?
Sep 18, 2015  • #2
Mark Varley
2 discussion posts
Thanks for the details Mark! Does the system just hardlock (mouse and keyboard stop working, requiring a hard reset of the machine)?

It's a complete freeze, keyboard and mouse don't respond, anything happening on the screen freezes (monitoring apps, clock, YouTube video).
I've tried leaving it for a while a couple of times, maybe 20 minutes, and I've found it having crashed hours earlier, but normally I hard reset after 30 seconds or so.
Sep 18, 2015  • #3
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Ok, that's interesting! Would you be able to try disabling some of the DisplayFusion features (taskbars and titlebar buttons to start) to see if we can narrow it down to a specific feature that's triggering the hardlock on your system?
Sep 21, 2015  • #4
Michael Saladino
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I've had the EXACT same issue recently and had to disable DF to keep it from happening again--so far so good (it's been 2 weeks). It is a complete system freeze, and I have to physically push the reset button to get it back.

I've had it happen only once while I was using the computer. However, it usually happens overnight, so i might assume that it is either a screensaver or process that runs that might or might not cause the crash? Don't know.

Keith--I will begin to try to narrow it down with DF features, but most of what I use is at the defaults aside from functions I've created. I thought it was the screensaver and letting DF handle it, but I disabled that and it still froze almost nightly.

I'll begin to report back as I disable things and hit more freezing. Is there are debug or log you would want to look at if I run into it again?

My Specs:
OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64
Version: 10.0.10240 Build 10240
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5960X CPU @ 3.00GHz, 2800 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s)
Installed Physical Memory (RAM):16.0 GB
GPU: 2 x nVidia Titan X (in SLI config)
GPU Driver: 358.91
Display Fusion v. 7.3.2 (Steam Version)
Monitors: 3 x U28D590D - Samsung UHD 28”
Monitor Ports: 3 x DisplayPort
Nov 25, 2015 (modified Nov 25, 2015)  • #5
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Sure! In the Settings > Advanced Settings, can you enable the "Disable Log Buffering" option? That will allow DisplayFusion to write each log line immediately, otherwise some lines will be stuck in the buffer when the hang occurs and won't get written to the log. Then follow these steps:
  • On the Troubleshooting tab, change the Logging drop-down to "L1: Log Minimal"
  • Restart DisplayFusion
  • The next time it hangs, note the time
  • Send us the DisplayFusion.log and DebugInfo.html files (can be found by clicking the Open Log button on the Troubleshooting tab)
  • Disable debug logging after sending the log

Nov 25, 2015  • #6
Michael Saladino
7 discussion posts
Well, I turned all of that on, and now it won't do it. I guess that is a good thing, but I will update this thread when it comes back. I have the Log Buffering turned off and will send it to you if it occurs again.

Dec 3, 2015 (modified Dec 3, 2015)  • #7
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Sounds great, thanks Michael!
Dec 3, 2015  • #8
Michael Saladino
7 discussion posts

It happened a few minutes ago--I had to hard reboot to get control back. It freezes with a spinning Windows circle, and I can't click anything or type, but the mouse moves.

Coincidentally, I realized a day ago that I had mistakenly turned off the DF wallpaper changing/downloading setting for Digital Blasphemy and re-enabled it in DF and then it hung again, so maybe that will point to a good starting place?

Hope these help--
• Attachment [protected]: DebugInfo.html [145,515 bytes]
• Attachment [protected]: DisplayFusion.log [3,720,615 bytes]
Dec 7, 2015 (modified Dec 8, 2015)  • #9
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Thanks! If I'm looking at the right spot in the log, it looks like the hang occurred around 1 hour after the last wallpaper change, so I'm not 100% sure if it's related.

However, could you try disabling the "Use transitions when changing" option in the DisplayFusion Desktop Wallpaper > Wallpaper Settings window to see if that makes any difference? If you still get the hangs occurring, could you try disabling the wallpaper altogether again, just to confirm that that is indeed related?
Dec 8, 2015  • #10
Michael Saladino
7 discussion posts
Done--transitions are now turned off. I'll keep an eye on it and send more logs if it hangs, and then turn off wallpapers altogether if it continues.

Appreciate the help--
Dec 9, 2015  • #11
Michael Saladino
7 discussion posts

Just a quick update--it has not happened again, so I am assuming there was something on my end that was doing it, since I have not upgraded or changed version since it happened last time.

I believe I have actually changed video drivers since then, and maybe that was it? nVidia drivers..

Anyway, thanks for your help on this. I also just wanted to make sure if it is ok to keep the logging the way it is, without buffering just in case this pops up again in the future and I can send it to you again. Is that alright?

Jan 4, 2016  • #12
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Glad to hear it's all good now! As long as you're not noticing any performance issues, you can keep the logging the way it is
Jan 5, 2016  • #13
Travis Bell
2 discussion posts
Hi Keith,

I'm having a similar issue. Whenever I try to launch DF (settings, wallpaper, etc.), Windows hangs - other programs (Spotify, Firefox, etc.) continue to function normally; mouse and keys are still responsive. This lasts about 20 seconds (instead of <3 seconds before) where I can't access the start menu before DF launches and everything returns to normal.

This is a very recent issue - perhaps two weeks or so. I noticed that DF is no longer starting with Windows and the checkbox is now unchecked despite not having changed this value myself. Further, Windows has started to hang in the same fashion (noted above) when attempting to logon which may be from trying to initialise DF - I'm not 100% sure this is related but thought I'd mention it anyway. I have just upgraded to the beta version in the hopes of fixing it but the problem persists.

Any ideas?


May 21, 2016  • #14
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
@Travis: Interesting! After DisplayFusion has started, do you still get the same temporary hang when trying to open the Settings window?
May 24, 2016  • #15
Travis Bell
2 discussion posts
Hi Keith,

turns out my SSD was the culprit. Sorry for wasting your time/thanks for the response!
May 29, 2016  • #16
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
No worries, glad to hear you were able to get it sorted out!
May 30, 2016  • #17
Mike Fink
5 discussion posts
My system has been locking up randomly from day 1. I have been patient for at least two years now. I have tried all forms of patches and disabling of features yada yada yada ad nauseam. Windows 7 on a HP Pro Book. I am removing DF and recommending discontinuation for all users at my site. Please remove me from your contact list.
Sep 13, 2018  • #18
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Sorry to hear that, Mike. I've disabled your Discussions notifications as requested. If you want to troubleshoot further in the future, please let us know.
Sep 13, 2018  • #19
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