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Several suggestions and a bug

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I'm a long time DisplayFusion free user. I'm currently running a trial, and thinking of getting in on this week's deal.

Please let me know which of the following suggestions are or will be in development in the recent future.

1) Easier pinning of apps to taskbars.
2) Taskbar jumplists.
3) Free movement of taskbar active apps and shortcuts. Currently it seems I can't do something like this: Active app 1, App shortcut 2 (inactive), Active app 3.


I have short date format as "ddd M/dd/yy". The current date is displayed as "Wed 5/25/11" on the Windows 7 taskbar, while it shows as "Wed 5 25 11" on the DisplayFusion taskbar.
May 25, 2011  • #1
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you can set the date formats for each taskbar yourself. It's in the manual.
May 26, 2011  • #2
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
I've added your votes to the two existing feature requests. As for the clock issue, it's definitely a bug :)

We'll hopefully have it fixed up for one of the next beta versions.

May 26, 2011  • #3
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