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[Solved] Key Combinations for custom functions no longer working

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have several key combinations that up until this morning have been working fine to manage my windows and every single one of them stopped working.
Examples of Combinations:
Alt+Ctrl+Win+Num 8
The "Enable Key Combinations" box is checked. I have tried Rebooting and the error persists. I have also tried Unchecking the "Enable Key Combinations" hitting apply then Rechecking the "enable Key Combinations" box and hitting apply once again. That does not solve the problem either.
I just enabled titlebar buttons for the custom function and those buttons DO work to move the windows around.
I'm on DisplayFusion Pro 9.8
Windows 10 OS Build 19043.1288
[Solved] So...I'm an idiot. I figured out what the problem was before I finished typing the initial post. Turns out my Num Lock button was enabled (or disabled? Hitting the number keys would not register the number being pressed). Once I pressed num lock, everything worked fine. Leaving this up here in case someone else does this stupid thing.
Oct 29, 2021  • #1
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