Split monitor setup - Popups showing up in center of monitor

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I found a couple of threads from years ago on this, but the suggested solution isn't working for me.

I'm a new user and have set up a 2x2 split on a 4k monitor. This system ran Windows 10 when I installed DisplayFusion. I've since moved to Windows 11, but this issue occurred with both 10 and 11.

If I launch File Explorer and position it within one of the splits and then delete a file, the popup confirmation appears in the center of the physical monitor, which is under the taskbar. I have to drag the popup out from under the taskbar to see it. The same thing happens for many other applications. I've been installing software on this system and am constantly running into the same problem. It doesn't matter whether the parent application is running maximized or not.

The solution proposed on the earlier threads (in 2015) was to check the "center child windows over the parent window" box under Window management. I've done this, but it has no effect. Is there something else needed? Thanks.
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