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Streaming Setup

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Ravi Sonigra
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I want to setup my PC for streaming in the way that I have shown in the attached file. I have managed to use custom functions. But this way, I still see the taskbar and when I try to maximize YouTube and twitch chat, they take up the entire screen as opposed to just the 440x1440 sections I have set out. Can I setup my screen in a way where I can have both chats and my game maximized with no taskbar?
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Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Hi Ravi,

If you open up the Display Fusion settings window, you can go to the compatibility tab, add in your game, and check off "disable display fusion taskbars while this application is running" which should disable the side taskbars on boot. Your game must be set to windowed mode, or borderless window, as setting the game to full screen will natively go to the full size of your monitor.

You can also create a window position profile that moves youtube/twitch to each location. You can manually load this when needed, or can you have it automatically loaded when your game boots using a trigger. I'll attach our help guide for both of those features below.

Hope that helps!


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