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Suggested or Desired Features for Display Fusion

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I'm using Display Fusion Pro on a dual monitor Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (build 7057), and it is AWESOME (minus the task bar thing, which you already know about.)

What I would love to see however, is some type of functionality for dual monitor support that would detect when you switch inputs on one monitor and switch everything currently on said monitor over to the other monitor.

For example, I currently use a 23" widescreen monitor as my primary and a 19" LCD as my secondary. I also have my Xbox 360 plugged in to my 23" primary via HDMI though. So whenever I turn on my Xbox and switch inputs on my external monitor menu, I first have to drag all the windows over to my other monitor. If Display Fusion had something that would just detect this input change, and move everything over to the secondary monitor (and back when the input is restored), that would make my life incredibly blissful.

Am I lazy? Absolutely. Demanding? Sure. But I've seen the wonderful functionality you've made so far and thought I would give you some optional direction to focus towards if you're looking for improvements. :)

Does that sound remotely accomplishable?
Mar 20, 2009  • #1
John L. Galt's profile on
Actually, I have a feeling that this is a Windows 7 complication - With Vista, whenever I switched on SLI and / or turned off multi-monitor support in Vista from the display properties window everything would move over - but Windows 7 support for multiple monitor seems to not work in the same manner.

So, yeah, if Display Fusion could do this that would be great.
I am I.
Mar 20, 2009  • #2
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Kevin F.
450 discussion posts
John, the issue is that he is hot swapping, not using the DP windows. I requested a nice hotkey to move all windows to one monitor to Jon and he said he would add it.. But alas he hasn't.. It would solve this issue with a shortcut, not an auto fix. i don't know if one is possible, but the same issue happens when you undock a laptop and just pull the monitor cable.
Mar 20, 2009  • #3
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343 discussion posts
Perhaps a sticky with planned features for the next release? :mrgreen:
Mar 20, 2009  • #4
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
In an effort to cleanup the DisplayFusion forum, this topic is being locked and archived because it applies to an older version of DisplayFusion. If you are using the latest version of DisplayFusion and would still like some assistance, please create a new topic and I'll be happy to help you out. Thanks! :)
Jan 12, 2010  • #5
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