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Suggestion for Triggers

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John Schewe
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Because DisplayFusion doesn't work well with fullscreen games, my current procedure is to set the game to windowed, and create a trigger that moves the window bar above the screen and applies 'Always on Top' to keep the game above the Windows Taskbar. However, this makes switching between windows during game difficult if the window that I want to see happens to be beneath the game.

What I would do is set the game to not 'Always on Top' when it loses focus, but there is no trigger "Loses Focus". Can we add that?

Also, because this procedure is consistent for all fullscreen games that I can play, it would be beneficial to assign multiple window match definitions to a trigger (or possibly a trigger group).

Any thoughts?

Future thanks.
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Does the game in question not have Windowed(fullscreen)
From my experience this is the best option when you need to quickly tab between the game and something like a browser (with less than 1/2 a second between switches)
My advice would be
go to functions tab in DF
go to scripted functions
go to download search forthe function:
Remove Borders, Size to Full Screen and Hide Taskbar (Make Borderless-Windowed)
and try it out.
Then you can toggle 'FS' instantly with a hotkey allowing you to switch apps faster.
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John Schewe
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There are several games in question that do have a 'Windowed Fullscreen' option. But choosing that option causes them to force stretch to the entire desktop, which is not the behavior I need. Even using DF to change the window size in 'Windowed Fullscreen' doesn't work.

I like the remove borders script, but it would still be nice to toggle 'Always on Top' as the window gets and loses focus since auto-hide taskbar still overlaps the game and anytime the cursor in game (first person games like, Deep Rock Galatic, or Space Engineers) moves to the bottom of the screen it opens the taskbar. For whatever reason, the designers of these games chose to lock the cursor to the game, but still allow the cursor to move around inside the window even though it is invisible.

I'd prefer to use triggers instead of hotkeys because I'm using DF to emulate multiple monitors on an ultrawide single monitor. Simply moving the cursor off the game to select another window would be the intuitive option for telling the game that it no longer should dominate focus. In these games being in a menu removes the cursor lock, so there are many ways that would be intuitive stopping points.

Of course, all of this functionality would already be proper by using 'Windowed Fullscreen' if the screens were an actual multi-monitor setup.
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Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)
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Hey John,

We do have a "Lose Focus" trigger event open as feature request so I'll add your vote to it. That being said, we're not sure if we can add it due to technical challenges. We'll let you know if we do have any information on it going forward.

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please add my vote to this as well, most of my triggers are based on the window being focused, which in some cases can be a bit clunky as it requires additional clicks, i think on lose focus would makes things much cleaner, hope it's possible!
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Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)
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