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taskbar button sizeing help / request

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Loving every update but was just wondering if its possible to change the short-cut size on a per short-cut basis. (currently just useing the "advanced settings" option)

I name all my drives, so my plan is to have all the drive icons (with pic) double sized and all the applications next to them.
(see pic)
The red rectangle in the pic is where i would put the drives (when i find good pics for the rest lol), and applications would go in a double row next to them with smaller icons. (as seen by the random stuff i opened but would like some shortcuts this size)

is this possible at this time,
if its not can i request it (if you have time between other awesome features)

Thanks again for all the awesome updates, always look forward to every new beta.
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Jun 3, 2012 (modified Jun 3, 2012)  • #1
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Sorry, this isn't possible right now. I'm not sure how to provide a setting like that, and keep it easy to use. I'm definitely open to suggestions though.
Jun 4, 2012  • #2
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