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Taskbar Program Launching Problem

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Hello! I've been having a lot of trouble getting my taskbar icons to work as they should be.

I'm trying to make an icon for LibreOffice Writer. I can make an icon that works but when I do it opens a separate window that takes up a second spot on the taskbar and which has a different icon.

If I try to pin that window and use it to launch the program then Windows 10 can't find the program and I can't launch it. On my primary monitor one taskbar icon launches and then becomes the program.

The icon on my main window has a target of: "F:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\swriter.exe" which is the same as a desktop shortcut. When I launch it on my main monitor the window occupies that icon.

But if I set that as the target in DisplayFusion then then it works but when opened creates a new window that targets: "F:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\soffice.bin" if pinned. When pinned that icon won't open the program.
Sep 19, 2021  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
I was able to reproduce this issue here, it's happening because DF has to combine the running buttons with the pinned buttons based on the process path. Not sure if this is something we can fix, but I've added it to our list, and if we're able to get it sorted out, we'll be sure to post and update.

Sep 20, 2021  • #2
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Gotcha! Thank you so much for looking into it.
Sep 20, 2021  • #3
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