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Nicholas Cino
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Hi all,
I'm testing Displayfusion out and had a couple of questions:
1. Is it possible to have the task bar of your main monitor also as a Displayfusion task bar? So that I can apply the same rules to each monitor task bar.
2. In settings is there a way to make sure that if I open, for example, Edge, on the monitor 2 task bar, it only opens the program in this monitor? Currently it doesnt stick to this. For example, at the moment I open a new edge tab on monitor 2 by clicking on my edge Icon installed to monitor 2, but then drag the open program to monitor 1, then, the next time I try to open an edge tab on monitor two by clicking on the Icon on the task bar of monitor 2, it will now automatically open on monitor 1.
So, in essence, I would like to always, as a rule, if I click on an icon on a taskbar of a specific monitor, it will always open in that monitor and not in others. Is this possible?
--- Quick edit here --- For regular programs this seems to work okay, however for things like "edge apps", where for example I convert my gmail into an app to open it separately from other edge tabs, it does not work. ---

3. Finally, is it possible to have a shortcut key to change the focus to the next monitor?

I'm sorry if these are dumb questions and thanks in advance for any help.
27 days ago (modified 27 days ago)  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
Hi Nicholas,

1. We only support replacing secondary taskbars, not the primary Windows taskbar, but we do have this on our feature request list so I've added your vote to it.

2. For those specific apps that won't move, you can create triggers to force them. The "Process Filename" match condition might not work since it's launching with Edge anyway, but the "Window Text" might work. We have a guide on working with triggers here:

3. In the DisplayFusion Settings > Functions, we have a function called "Move Mouse Cursor to Next Monitor", is that what you're looking for?
27 days ago  • #2
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