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TitleBar buttons - missing feature in settings

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Now the new betas vastly improve/fix titlebar button performance I've re-enabled them...

However, and this is only a minor gripe, once you've added a title bar button you can't edit it...

It isn't major since it can be removed and re-added, but an Edit button would be nice (Jon, I wouldn't put this too far up the list of new features though).


Feb 25, 2010  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
This is something I have planned for a future version, but like you said it's not high up on my priority list yet. :) The only time I have noticed that not being to edit is a pain is when you are using custom HotKeys with custom images and you want to test a bunch of images. Don't worry though, that edit button will make it in there soon. :)
Feb 25, 2010  • #2
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