Trigger Monitor profile change but not at DisplayFusion start

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I've created function to turn on my TV and change source to PC on it. When I toggle output on my HDMI splitter monitor profile is changing so I wanted to run my function when it is happening. I set it on trigger when monitor profile is changing. It is working great, like I want to, but it is firing when the app is starting also and I don't want that. It should lunch my function every time it change to my specific profile except the one time when the app itself is starting. How can I do that? Any ideas?

Now I am checking if Chrome is running, if not then not doing anything, if it is running then doing my stuffs. Chrome is the first app I am lunching by my self after Windows starts and with it the TV is not powering on (it is what I wanted to), but it is not exactly what I want. When I restart DisplayFusion app and chrome is running TV will be turned on also and sometimes I want to toggle output on my splitter before I will start chrome.
Aug 18, 2021 (modified Aug 18, 2021)  • #1
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Interesting! I will add a ticket to our list for an option to ignore the Monitor Profile "change" notification if it's on DF startup. In the meantime, I like your workaround, that's very creative!
Aug 19, 2021  • #2
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