Trouble Switching Apps. From One Monitor to Next

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Love this app! However, Im having an issue switching apps from one screen to the next. When im playing something that takes up the full screen (like Madden 0 and I try using the hotkeys to switch to my other monitor i get no response what so ever. When i try to switch with other full screen apps the app will keep running on the original screen and then just give me a smaller still image on my secondary monitor. I am only having this issue with full screen apps. When i use the hotkeys with things like IE i have no problems and works great. Just curious if its something im doing wrong or what. Im running a 256mb radeon x1300pro and trying to alternate between a Dell 20 inch wide screen flat panel and a 50" Sony Grand Wega... Thanks for any help!
Nov 17, 2007  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Programs that run fullscreen, especially those that use DirectX or OpenGL probably won't work with the DisplayFusion hotkeys. Unfortunately this is a limitation that I can't work around as it has to do with the way DirectX works with windows and screens.
Nov 21, 2007  • #2
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