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Turn off secondary monitor.

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I have two monitors, but i don't always use both of them.

Is there any way to turn off my secondary monitor using a hotkey?

I guess it is more cutting the signal going to the secondary monitor.

Apr 2, 2010  • #1
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will like that too, but mby that you can choose wich monitor you wanna make blanc (Black screen) cus I normally connect a big tv as secondary, switch my second display for the TV and wanna make primary black so I can see my movies on a dark room. what a lazy bastard
Apr 5, 2010  • #2
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i couldn't really take an answer from that reply.

I have used Ultramon before and was able to turn off the signal to the secondary monitor, which would effectively turn the secondary monitor into standby mode.

I could simply do this with a hotkey (CTRL + M) that i edited myself.

Can the signal to the secondary monitor be turned off?
Apr 7, 2010  • #3
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There would be nice to have a hotkey to toggle one, or more, specific monitors without having to into the video settings. Though, I wouldn't set this as a high priority issue, but more like a nice feature to have if it isn't too hard to implement.

Like in W7 it takes less than 10 seconds to togge a monitor with the new "right click on desktop - resolution" interface.
Apr 14, 2010  • #4
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
With the upcoming "Profiles" feature, scheduled for the 3.2.x versions, it will be possible to setup a profile with a specific monitor configuration, then activate it using a HotKey. This isn't planned until much later in the year though, sorry.
Apr 14, 2010  • #5
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Definitely looking forward to this feature. Have a new laptop running Win7 and just purchased DF after testing the trial versions of DF and UltraMon, but if it helps for planning how to implement, here's how I had UltraMon setup on my previous laptop running XP:

~ Laptop display is primary, larger/higher-res external LCD is secondary.
~ When undocking to take laptop to a meeting, I had a custom hotkey like freemacen (mine was Ctrl-Alt-M) that disabled the secondary display, meaning all open windows were automatically moved to the primary display.
~ Here's the kicker - when re-docking, I'd hit the same Ctrl-Alt-M hotkey again, and everything would go back to how it was, and any windows I still had open from when I was docked before would go back to where they had been.

This would be a real time-saver. Of course, it's a manual process - it'd be "much more better" if DF could be configured to do this automatically...!
Jun 24, 2010  • #6
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
DisplayFusion will support most of this, it may just need an extra HotKey to do everything.
Jun 30, 2010  • #7
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Has this been implemented yet? Still using Ultramon to do this....
Aug 10, 2011  • #8
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
We're actually working on it as we speak

The latest beta version includes a Monitor Configuration feature that allows you to setup your displays (basically a replacement for the Windows display settings). In the later beta versions of 3.4.0 we'll be adding Monitor Configuration Profiles, so that you can setup multiple different layouts (including one monitor turned off) and then switch between them using HotKeys.

You can track the progress of the beta versions here: http://www.displayfusion.com/Download/Beta/

Aug 12, 2011  • #9
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