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Using Different Monitors with same PC

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Reddit pointed me here thinking this might be a feature available in Displayfusion. As its not a common request googling didn't really yield any concrete answers for my situation so wanted to check here.

I have a racing simulator set up in my office and since COVID started I now also need a home office desk to work at. I would like to use my gaming PC for that as well. I'm looking to buy 2 monitors to use on my desk, and keep my 49" ultrawide on sim racing rig. Is it possible to use these separately using Displayfusion monitor profiles? As in, when I'm racing I don't want the dual monitors on my desk to be used, and when I'm at my desk I don't want the ultrawide to be used. If so is it easy to accomplish or will I need anything hardware/software related to make it work?

Thank you!
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Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)
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Hey Jeff,

Yup you should be able to do this! You can set up two monitor profiles, 1 with the dual monitors enabled and the UW disabled, and the 2nd one vise versa. You can then set these monitor profiles to key combinations, so with the click of a key you can switch between them.

Hope that helps!
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