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Virtual Desktops

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Multi-Monitor \ Move between monitors. ALL I want is to move an app to a different monitor. OK now do the SAME behavior with Virtual Desktops.. doesn't work. Create a NEW desktop move some items to it.. you can't move THAT virtual desktop to a different monitor, why?!?

I have an example, and please do NOT respond if you do NOT have a multiple monitor setup, you will NOT understand what is going on.

Download Nook application (barnes and noble app) from the Windows store. It's free.

Why Nook? Because it's the MOST horrid design app ever, it opens FULL screen windows key + left \ right does NOTHING. Don't believe me, download it! It just stays on default monitor forever and if I want to read a book on my small monitor (because that's why I have bigger monitors) it won't block my apps.

Now I thought hey I can simply move it to Virtual Desktop and THEN move it another monitor nope.

Somebody for the love all things technical tell me Display Fusion has 'app for that' to deal with Virtual Desktops.. I did look but I don't see anything specific, unless it's there and I somehow missed.


multiple monitors works fine for most apps, but not with virtual desktops. Need a solution to do the same behavior with a Virtual desktop (in it's entirety) to move to a different monitor, natively moving apps works fine, but not Virtual Desktops.
Jan 23, 2020  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Thanks for checking out DisplayFusion! Unfortunately it can't help there, sorry

You might check out Dexpot or Better Desktop Tool, not sure if they might have the functionality you're looking for.
Jan 27, 2020  • #2
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