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Wallpaper Profile won't load when first switching to a monitor profile

Linfeng Li948660
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With DisplayFusion Pro 9.8, I find myself repeatedly switching to a monitor profile for a second time only to get the wallpaper profile to load properly.

The setup: for one monitor profile, I assigned a wallpaper profile to it. (Nothing fancy at play here. The monitor profile is only about arranging a bunch of monitors, and the wallpaper profile is set to load the same image on all but one monitor.)

The problem: upon first switching to the monitor profile, the wallpaper profile is loaded incompletely. Upon the second time that I load the same monitor profile, the wallpaper profile is applied properly.

Does DisplayFusion execute the following two identical commands sequentially? Or, I'll need to deliberately wait for X seconds until running the same command again?
displayfusioncommand.exe -monitorloadprofile "profile-with-wallpaper"
displayfusioncommand.exe -monitorloadprofile "profile-with-wallpaper"
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Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Hi Linfeng,

Are you looking to run a batch file with those commands? If so, you would likely want to add a bit of a delay between each command.

As for the issue itself, could you send me over a debug log? Here are the steps:

  • On the DisplayFusion Settings > Troubleshooting tab, change the Logging drop-down to "L1: Log Minimal" and click Apply
  • Reproduce the issue and note the time so we'll know where to check in the log file
  • Click the "Export Info to File" button on the Settings > Troubleshooting tab
  • Reply with the file attached
  • Disable debug logging after sending the log

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