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Weird padding issue

chaoscreater's profile on
Hi there,

I have a weird issue. I recently bought an ultrawide monitor and the resolution is 3440x1440. Everything looks tiny for me, so I've tried to lower the resolution, but the text is blurry. I ended up staying on 3440x1440 and set the scaling to 125%. On my primary monitor, the scaling is 100%. All good here.

The problem is, when certain apps like Task Scheduler is maximized on the ultrawide monitor, the top right corner has a padding issue. If I move the mouse to the top right corner where the close button is, it doesn't lit up. When I left click, sometimes it will click the window behind it. It's as if there's a overscan issue. But this only happens to certain apps.

If I set the scaling of the ultrawide back to 100%, everything is fine. If I set the resolution of the ultrawide to a lower resolution, but at 100% scaling, it's fine as well. So it seems the issue only occurs when scaling is > 100%.

I believe my issue is explained here as well:

Is this something that DisplayFusion can help? Is it possible to create a virtual padding around the top right corner, so that any apps that gets maximized (both normal maximize and ignore monitor split) will maximize with the top right padding included? Is it possible to also prevent the mouse from going over the padded space?
15 days ago  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
Unfortunately this isn't something DisplayFusion can help with, sorry!
15 days ago  • #2
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