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What's the relationship of DisplayFusion and UltraView Desktop Manager of Digital Tigers?

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They seem to be one same software with two different names?
Jun 23, 2020  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
The 2 products are different, I would encourage you to give both a try and if you need more in-depth information please feel free to contact us directly at support@binaryfortress.com. Thanks!
Jun 23, 2020  • #2
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So what are the actual differences? When would you want to use Ultraview over DisplayFusion?

The feature set looks to be pretty much the same as DF, the price is just significantly higher.
Jun 28, 2020  • #3
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I have bought a DisplayFusion license. The website of UltraView Desktop Manager looks like a 90's aged style, makes me feel strange...
Jun 28, 2020  • #4
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I've purchases licenses for both. I don't seem much of a difference, though UltraView Desktop Manager does provide a bunch of nice desktop wallpapers. Some of the background processes that run with UltraView Desktop Manager actually have DisplayFusion in their names.
Aug 16, 2020  • #5
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