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Will I be able to game on one monitor and browse on the other with the click of a button?

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Hello. Before I purchase this software I wanted to make sure that I can do what I would like to.

Basically I wanted to be able to game in full screen mode on my monitor on the left. And when I die, click one button and it brings my cursor to the other monitor so I can browse the internet while keeping the game open. And then be able to click the button again and game when the round starts to game. I downloaded the demo and it seems like this might be a pro feature and not available on the free version.

Please advise so that I can make my decision to purchase.

If it matters specs are as follows

benq 2040 240hz monitor for gaming
Asus 144hz for browsing.
i9 9900k
2080 graphics card.

I don't want to play in windows mode as it drops my fps significantly.
Aug 12, 2019  • #1
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The Prevent Window Deactivation function is available in the Pro Trial as well. I'll send over a new 30-day trial key so that you can test it out. Please see this guide for details as well. Note that it doesn't work for all games.

Preventing Game Windows From Minimizing
Aug 12, 2019  • #2
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