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Win 10 Virtual Desktops

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Hey guys,

I am using the Pro version of DF. As I am a dilligent dude, I've been searching for previous questions and answers before writing this.

I am looking to use Win 10's inbuild virtual desktop funktion. I use it quite heavily for my job.
However, I did just install DF to tame my super wide screen and I was saddened to find out that, if virtual desktops are selected, all the windosw show on every single version of the virtual desktops.

To clearyfy, I seek to use i.e. my Virtual Desktop (VD) 1 to read a certain set of contracts, VD2 to do research on a different Topic, VD 3 to have my private Email and non-work related stuff to check in every once in a while.

However, my hope is that I am just too dull to make it work, that some setting is just slightly off and needs to be triggered to have VD working.

Can you please tell me how I do that?

Thank you

Edit : I was indeed just too dull. It works perfect.
Sorry for bothering.
Feb 11, 2021 (modified Feb 11, 2021)  • #1
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