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Win Key + Arrow Key not respecting splits

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I'm using DisplayFusion on a Win10 system with a three monitors set up using AMD's Eyefinity with the screens split in DF. I seem to remember that the Windows Key + arrow key command used to function properly with the desktop split as it is, but now it does not respect the splits when using that command. That is, I remember that using the win + arrow command would cycle the window between monitors the way it does when Eyefinity is disabled. Now, using that command always acts like there are no splits and maximizes the window to take up 1.5 monitors, if that makes sense, and that's kinda useless.

Am I just remembering incorrectly that this used to work? I remember it being a convenient window management command when it worked, so I'd love it if it could work again.
Sep 1, 2018  • #1
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This hasn't ever worked, but DisplayFusion used to have default hotkeys to do this, which were Ctrl + Win + Arrows. One of the Windows 10 updates started reserving them for itself so we had to remove the defaults

The Functions are still there, and you can assign new key combinations to them on the Settings > Functions tab. Use the filter box to look for "Size and Move Window" and you should see them. I believe that Ctrl + Alt + Arrows should still work if you wanted to try that out.

Hope that helps!
Sep 6, 2018  • #2
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This is embarrassing. I did not. Thanks for your answer! Have a nice day
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