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Window Management Settings Overview

The Window Management tab has configuration options for how DisplayFusion handles application windows.
To navigate here, right-click the DisplayFusion tray icon and click "Settings," then click the tab "Window Management."
Below are the configuration options:
This allows you to drag a maximized window from one monitor to another while maintaining its maximized state.
Notes: If you like to have your windows locked in place while working, we suggest you disable this. The snap settings in the Windows "Multitasking" settings will override this. Disable "Snap Windows" in the Multitasking section of Windows before disabling this checkbox.
This setting creates a visual notification of the monitor where your window is positioned while dragging. This is especially useful when using monitor splits.
This extension of the "Show monitor selector while dragging" option includes non-maximized windows. Holding the shift key will override this behavior.
This allows you to mouse-wheel click a window titlebar to move it to the next monitor, a shortcut for the "Move window to next monitor" function.
This displays a tooltip overlay on the window currently being dragged. The tooltip will show the size (in pixels) of the window, and the pixel locations of the top left, and bottom right corners of the window. (DisplayFusion Pro Only)
This setting allows DisplayFusion to minimize all windows across all screens when the Win + M keyboard shortcut is pressed.
Disable this setting to prevent Windows from minimizing all windows when shaking a window with the mouse.
This option forces the first process of a newly-opened application to move to the monitor the mouse cursor is currently on.
This option forces only the applications launched from the Start menu to move to the monitor that the mouse cursor is currently on.
This setting automatically moves any child dialogs or windows to the same monitor that the parent window is on.
This setting forces DisplayFusion to move only modal windows, instead of all child windows.
This setting forces the child dialog or window to be centred over the parent window when DisplayFusion moves it.
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