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Window Management Settings Overview

On this tab, you can configure how DisplayFusion handles application windows. You can have DisplayFusion drag maximized windows between monitors, or just have DisplayFusion move a window to the next monitor by middle-clicking in the window's caption bar at the top of the window.

  • Enable maximized window dragging between monitors: Enabling this setting will allow you to maximize a window on a monitor, and drag it by the titlebar to another monitor without having to re-maximize it. If you like to have your windows locked in place while working, we suggest you disable this. Note: the snap settings in the Windows "Multitasking" settings will override this if you are trying to disable it. Therefore make sure you disable "Snap Windows" in the Multitasking section of Windows, before disabling this checkbox.
  • Show monitor selector while dragging: This setting creates a visual notification to show you which monitor you are currently dragging the window on. This is useful for identifying monitors and monitor splits when you have multiple.
  • Show monitor selector when dragging non-maximized windows to split monitors: This is an extension of the "Show monitor selector while dragging" option, to include maximizing windows every time they are dragged over a monitor split, even if it was not maximized previously. Holding the shift key will override this behavior.
  • Enable window caption bar middle-clicking to move windows to the next monitor (Hold shift to move to previous monitor): Enabling this will allow you to hover your mouse over the titlebar of a window, and click the mouse wheel to move it to the next monitor. This achieves the same result as the "Move window to next monitor" function, but allows you to complete the action through a scroll wheel click.
  • Show a ToolTip when moving or re-sizing a window to display location and size: With this setting enabled, a tooltip overlay will appear on the window currently being dragged. The tooltip will show the size (in pixels) of the window, and the pixel locations of the top left, and bottom right corners of the window. (DisplayFusion Pro Only)
  • Allow DisplayFusion to help minimize all windows when Win + M is pressed: This setting allows DisplayFusion to minimize all windows across all screens when the Win + M keyboard shortcut is pressed.
  • Enable Aero Shake (shake a window to minimize all other windows): Disable this setting to prevent Windows from minimizing all windows when shaking a window with the mouse.
  • Move newly opened application windows to the current monitorEnabling this option will force the first process of a newly only application to move to the monitor that the mouse cursor is currently on.
  • Only move windows opened from the Start Menu (only with Windows 7 or Classic Shell): Enabling this option will force only applications launched from the Start menu to move to the monitor that the mouse cursor is currently on.
  • Centre child windows over the parent window: This setting allows DisplayFusion to automatically move any child dialogs or windows to the same monitor that the parent window is on.
  • Move only modal windows (windows that block input): This setting will force DisplayFusion to only move modal windows, instead of all child windows.
  • Move child windows that are on the same monitor as the parent window:This setting will force the child dialog or window to be centred over the parent window when DisplayFusion moves it.

If you have any questions at all about the Window Management features, or anything else, please feel free to contact us!

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