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Window position profiles - Possible to differentiate different instances of "same" program?

Jake O
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I have window position profiles working, except there is one thing I am still trying to figure out, I'm not sure if it's possible or not. I have 2 instances of the same program/exe that I am running simultaneously. The main/first one that I open is a maximized window, and I want the 2nd one to be a smaller window with a specific size and location (top left, always topmost window order) on the screen.

Since there seems to be nothing different between each of the 2 instances of the program windows, ie, the exe is the same, the window title, etc, whenever I try to create/load a window position profile with the setup I want, it ends up making both windows the same size/location on the top left of the screen as opposed to keeping one maximized - I think due to the order of operations, it might be making both of them maximized and then sending both of them to the top left.

I can't think of how it might be possible to solve this, other than the fact that the first one I open is always the one I want to be maximized. Is there any way to create a script with variables tracking this kind of thing in order to position the program(s)? Like, if there are 0 instances running, and the program opens, maximize it, and if there is 1 instance running, and the program opens, place it at X,Y coordinates with a size of 800x600.
Apr 14, 2021  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Hi Jake,

We have a scripted function in our repository that might be able to help you out here. It's called "Open Notepad in Position A or B". You can adjust the application you would like it to fire on, on line 19.

You can also adjust the first position you would like to move the window to on line 15, and the 2nd position on line 16.

The script will check to see if there is an open specified application in position A. If there isn't it will place it there. If there is, it will put the new window in position B.

You can find the script in the DisplayFusion Settings window > Functions > Scripted Function > Download Scripted Function.

Hope that helps!
Apr 15, 2021  • #2
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