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Window Snapping weirdness

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I have my monitor split into 6 sections and normally have windows in each section maximized. Over time, I find that my windows would be slightly moved so they are crossing over the splits. My guess is that I'm accidentally dragging windows around when I'm interacting with them.

So I decided to enable Window Snapping (with snap distance at 100 (maximum value it seems) to see if I can prevent such moves, but I found some weirdness:

1) When moving a window to another section, after it maximizes, it is sometimes is not lined up with the section. It happens less often when dragging the window, but happens more often with using the pop-up dialog to move the window.

It seems like after a window is moved, it does a little re-shuffle to get into position and perhaps that is conflicting with Window Snapping. This re-shuffle seems like something added in a recent version. When using a macro to move a window to the next/prev split section doesn't show this shuffle behavior.
See attached video: Moving window bug 2021-01-19 12-09-36.mkv

2) When slightly moving a window, the Window Snapping feature only activates for every other drag. EG:
a) move window, no snapping
b) move window, snaps
c) move window, no snapping
d) move window, snaps
See attached video: Snappig window bug 2021-01-19 12-26-13.mkv

It would be nice if there were a Trigger event for "Window Moved" so then I can trigger an action like Maximize to snap it back into position.
• Attachment [protected]: Moving window bug 2021-01-19 12-09-36.mkv [5,069,676 bytes]
• Attachment [protected]: Snappig window bug 2021-01-19 12-26-13.mkv [1,513,026 bytes]
Jan 19, 2021 (modified Jan 19, 2021)  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on

Can you update to our latest beta, and then send over a debug log? Here's the link to the beta:

And here are the steps to grab the debug log:
  • On the DisplayFusion Settings > Troubleshooting tab, change the Logging drop-down to "L1: Log Minimal" and click Apply
  • Reproduce the issue and note the time so we'll know where to check in the log file
  • Click the "Export Info to File" button on the Settings > Troubleshooting tab
  • Reply with the file attached
  • Disable debug logging after sending the log

Jan 20, 2021  • #2
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Captured testing in video. On-screen clock shown to help match times in log.

Window only snapping on every-other-drag:
1:54:49am - 1:55:22am

With my monitor split as such:
And using the pop-up window move dialog, moving a monitor to section [3] will usually result in the window being misaligned with the split boundaries. Issue seen at these times:

Splits on 4k monitor are:
• Attachment [protected]: 2021-01-21 01-54-48.mkv [11,163,406 bytes]
• Attachment [protected]: [207,151 bytes]
Jan 21, 2021  • #3
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on

Does this only happen with notepad? And does it happen in any other split besides the one in the upper right corner?

Jan 26, 2021  • #4
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I had been testing with chrome but the issue occurs with notepad as well.
It seems to only occur with my upper row of splits and I think it has to do with the position of the taskbar. For my upper splits, I have the taskbar position set to top.

Why does moving windows with the popup gui cause them to shake a bit before reaching their final position? Why can't it be like the function to move windows to the next/prev split, which does it without the shake.
Jan 27, 2021  • #5
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on

Interesting note about the top taskbar. Could you send me over a backup of your settings so I can try to reproduce the issue on my end? You can grab them in the options tab of Display Fusion, using the "Export Settings" button.

Jan 27, 2021  • #6
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• Attachment [protected]: DisplayFusion Backup (2021-01-27 @ 16-05,, LNAR-PC0QDFTW, SettingsWindow).reg [1,065,996 bytes]
Jan 27, 2021  • #7
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on

Thanks for sending that over. Unfortunately I'm having no luck reproducing the issue on my end with your backup. Is the issue happening with any other applications outside of notepad and chrome?

Feb 3, 2021  • #8
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I'm sorry that you can't reproduce it. I've stopped using the titlebar pop-up to move windows so I don't notice the issue that often anymore. Thanks.
Mar 4, 2021  • #9
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