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While DisplayFusion works well and is fully tested on Windows 10 & 11, there are a few issues due to the big changes between Windows 7/8 and 10.

This is the current list of known issues, which we'll be keeping up to date as we find more issues, and also as we find workarounds and resolutions for them.

The ones marked as "Can't Fix" are not possible for us to fix at this time due to technical limitations with Windows 10. They will remain as open issues on our list, and if/when they are possible to fix we will definitely be doing so.

Thank you for your patience while we work through these issues!

Windows 10 & 11:
  • Can't Fix: Start menu moves back to primary when typing to search.
  • Can't Fix: Applications don't register in Task View (or virtual desktops) when not on the Primary monitor. Workaround: Set Taskbar Mode to "Windows taskbar shows all..."
  • Can't Fix: Taskbar buttons for Universal apps remain on the Windows taskbar when the app is moved to another monitor.
  • Can't Fix: Windows not coming to front when clicked (this is a Windows 10 bug triggered by any program that uses TOPMOST on its windows). Workaround: Enable the "SetWindowPos: Disallow TopMost Calls" option in Settings > Advanced Settings.
  • Can't Fix: DisplayFusion taskbar flickers when opening Start menu if transparency is enabled. Workaround: Disable "Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing" in Windows System > Advanced > Performance Options.
  • Taskbar buttons don't show recent/pinned items when application is not running. [Fixed in 8.1 Beta 2]
  • Universal apps don't group on the taskbar. [Fixed in 8.0 Beta 7]
  • Universal apps don't maximize to splits. [Fixed in 7.3.1]
  • Can't pin Universal apps to DisplayFusion taskbar. [Fixed in 7.3 Beta 5]
  • Using Functions to move applications between monitors results in undesired size/location. [Fixed in 7.3 Beta 2]
  • TitleBar Buttons showing up for Suspended ("closed") Universal apps. [Fixed in 7.3 Beta 1]
  • Suspended ("closed") Universal apps show up on the DisplayFusion taskbar with a generic icon. [Fixed in 7.3 Beta 1]
  • Vertical DisplayFusion taskbar has some graphical issues. [Fixed in 7.3 Beta 1]
  • Right-clicking Start button doesn't bring up power user menu (Win + X menu). [Fixed in 8.0 Beta 5]
  • Start menu opens briefly on the Primary monitor before moving to the DisplayFusion taskbar when monitors have differing scaling settings or if monitor splitting is enabled. [Not fixable, due to not being able to hook the Windows 10 Start menu]
Windows 11 Specific:
Aug 6, 2015 (modified Apr 20, 2023)  • #1
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