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windows 11, enable df taskbar on primary display

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w11 taskbar on the bottom is harshing my mellow, and i remembered df could act as a replacement to the windows' taskbar, so i thought i'd try it out.

i went to df advanced settings and enabled this feature.

df taskbar appears on top of w11 taskbar on the bottom edge of the screen. interesting.

on the bottom edge of the screen, df taskbar's windows button works properly.

moving df taskbar to different screen edges works properly, although w11 taskbar is still on the bottom of the primary. i can set it to autohide, so i can ignore it

unfortunately, when df taskbar is set to top (or left or right), the windows button opens the menu such that most of the menu is off screen to the top, and *only* the bottom 20px or so show at the top left of the screen. this off screen position is the same for left and right alighted df taskbars.... and works properly for bottom aligned df taskbar.

i'm not sure if i can call this a bug when w11 isn't out yet and i'm playing with really odd settings, but i thought i'd mention it.

oh, i'm on df 10b3 and the very latest w11 as of this post.
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I love that I can enable the DF taskbar, but I wish I coudl get the DF taskbar ti replace the native one.
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Strange, I can't seem to reproduce that on my end. Could you send me over a video of the issue happening?

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