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I just downloaded the 30 day trial pro version of DisplayFusion to see if Windows 7 is supported yet. I really like the idea of having another task bar on my second monitor and I would buy DisplayFusion if Windows 7 was supported yet. But I ran into a lot of problems with the second task bar on Windows 7 in just 5 minutes of testing:

- Jump lists are not supported
- Aero Peek is not supported
- Control buttons on the preview are not supported
- The animations of the small preview windows look different (and not as smooth as on the original task bar) than the previews of the normal task bar
- Moving the entries of the task bar is not smooth like on the original task bar (I often re-arrange the windows in my task bar so a smooth animation is a must-have for me)
- Minimize and maximize animations are broken
- Grouping of windows that belong to the same program does not work
- The window title font looks "wrong" on bright backgrounds

I'm using the Windows 7 task bar with "Small icons" checked and "Group if task bar is full".
Oct 26, 2009  • #1
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This is all true. If you search the forum, you'll see that some problems (such as the are extremely thorny technical issues. It's not that these features are being ignored; rather, it's going to take some time (perhaps a long time) to implement.

I've been using a secondary taskbar for four years. Used to be Ultramon, but I've tried out the other contendors, too (Oscar, Actual Tools). At this point, DisplayFusion is the best secondary taskbar for Windows 7. And it's getting better all the time.

To summarize: you don't have a choice between DisplayFusion and a perfect secondary taskbar. You have a choice between DisplayFusion and a crappy secondary taskbar. My suggestion is to choose DisplayFusion, but if you find a better alternative, I'd certainly be interested in taking a look at it.
Oct 26, 2009  • #2
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Yeah. Displayfusion though have some rough edges I think it needs to smooth out, it is the best program for Win 7 as of now. If there's other options, I'd like to know. Even though I already cashed in for the Pro version.
Oct 26, 2009  • #3
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Display Fusion started out as just a wallpaper switcher. In later discussions, Jon decided to implement a secondary taskbar. BIG effort, as we've seen and an even BIGGER effort replicating all the fancy things Windows 7 does. Still, DF is the best out there and well worth the money. These W7 additions will probably come in time, but understand, Microsoft has hundreds of developers working on W7 to come up with all that stuff. DF isn't going to get there over night and I don't envy Jon all the bug squashing that now seems to have taken all his development time. There's things I've been looking for too, but realize they have to take a back seat to the larger scope that W7 support has forced on DF.
Oct 27, 2009  • #4
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
My goal is to eventually add support for all the new Windows 7 tricks. :) However, it's a length process so I have to prioritize each item. Version 3.2 will see more enhancements, but eventually most of the things you listed will make it into DisplayFusion.
Oct 29, 2009  • #5
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