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Windows location

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Hi, I've just been having a bit of issues of what windows opens where.

So for starters, I've added IE to the 2nd monitor taskbar and selected "force application to start on same monitor as Taskbar"
This works but now my desktop shortcut on my primary opens on the 2nd as well. (That is unless I select it from the start button. Or move the window back and relaunch)

I was also wondering how to get files in folders to open in the 2nd monitor. (I created shortcuts of folders in the taskbar and the fold opens, but when I select a file, it opens it in the primary)

I also read that currently, there's no way to make a app or file open on the current monitor without attaching on the taskbar. Is that still the case?

(Running the purchased DF Pro v.4.0.1)

Any help? Thanks!
Jul 27, 2012  • #1
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Was discussing with customer via email, he said not to worry about this request.
Jul 30, 2012  • #2
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