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Windows Media Center - Window Snapping

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DisplayFusion V3.1.10 (Free+Pro) Windows 7 Ultimate (32bit)
Windows Media Center does not snap to the side or corners of either of my two displays. Even when no video is playing Media Center doesn't snap. I tried with Free DisplayFusion and Pro..
I increased the distance to 30px and still Media Center is same.
All other applications snap, no problem.

I did notice some Posts re: MDI applications not snapping on XP with older versions of Displayfusion. In light of that and considering this is happening with v3.1.10 and on Win 7 I just thought I would post so you were aware.
This Win 7 PC is a pretty clean install, still very new.
Display Fusion is a nice app all round. To be honest I like to support independent hackers and this is good stuff! Nice One.
Sep 8, 2010  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
After much testing, it appears that the Windows Media Center are special in some way. They don't send the same messages as standard windows, and as a result, DisplayFusion can't "see" the window moving. I've looked into this as much as I can, and unfortunately it doesn't look possible to fix this issue for WMC, sorry. :(
Sep 10, 2010  • #2
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