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A recent AVG and Avast antivirus update is preventing DisplayFusion 9.9 from launching on some systems.
If you're running into this issue, please update to the latest DisplayFusion 10.0 Beta.

Windows + Number not opening program

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Rhys Edwards
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Hey Guys,

Love the program, it's great,

small thing that bugs me though, i'm an avid user of keyboard shortcuts, and have gotten used to holding the windows key down and pushing a number from 0-9, this opens up the application (on the main taskbar) and/or cycles through the currently open windows (different IE Tabs, emails open, things like that)

i can't seem to find a setting which enables this, any ideas? when i'm focused on an app with the 2nd/3rd taskbar, it goes back to the master windows taskbar.... :(
May 1, 2012  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Glad to hear you like DisplayFusion! I'm not sure if it's possible, since those shortcut keys are registered globally by Windows, but we'll certainly look into it.

May 2, 2012  • #2
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