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Windows slow to move to correct taskbar/flashing

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We are evaluating DisplayFusion in our little shop and have noticed one little problem. It seems like every so often, when a window is moved to the next screen or when a window on the second screen wants attention, the icon in the taskbar moves to the first screen temporarily then to the second screen.

We are running both XP and Vista and version 3.0.6. These are Dell 760's with ATI Radeon 3400 cards. The ATI drivers aren't more than two months old. Both computers are fully patched from MS up to the June patch rollout. We'll get July's patches tonight. :)

It seems to be a bigger problem on the XP computer than the Vista. Reading through the other posts on the forums, I wonder if it might be related to the feature that let's you know when an app on the second monitor is trying to get your attention. My co-worker on the XP box uses a lot more instant messaging than I do. If so, maybe it will be fixed in 3.1??

Is anyone else seeing this?


Jul 14, 2009  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
In an effort to cleanup the DisplayFusion forum, this topic is being locked and archived because it applies to an older version of DisplayFusion. If you are using the latest version of DisplayFusion and would still like some assistance, please create a new topic and I'll be happy to help you out. Thanks! :)
Jan 12, 2010  • #2
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