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Windows Sticky Notes, individual note sizes and locations

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I just purchased DisplayFusion 3 days ago and am already convinced it is the greatest piece of software ever written in the history of computing, second, perhaps, only to Day of the Tentacle. I searched for an issue I was having with Outlook windows and the irregularity with which Microsoft treats Word/Outlook windows and I found Keith Lammers engineering a solution and publishing his script inside the program. This level of support amazed me.

And it provided the first dash of hope I've had since buying this program and seeing it too seemed incapable of handling a need I've tried to meet with other far-inferior applications.

The Microsoft Sticky Notes app....creates idenitically labeled/titled windows for each sticky note, and it seems this may make it impossible to create a particular layout of sticky notes and actually restore these notes to this layout when they inevitably get scattered because from docking/undocking or resolution changes. This has been a nuisance since this software's inception that I had just been living with...every few weeks re-organizing all 18 notes onto my screen.

The fact that these notes syncs with OneNote makes it indispensible.

Might DisplayFusion have a solution or method for identifying each individual note window and defining/preserving/restoring its size and position?

I am still learning the ins and outs of this software, but the very basic thing I tried grabbed every note window and stuck them in the same spot, set to the same size
Aug 30, 2022  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
Thanks for the kind words! :)

Unfortunately those Sticky note windows aren't normal application windows, they seem to be an odd widget window that won't repsond to our functions. We don't currently have a work around for those.

Aug 30, 2022 (modified Aug 30, 2022)  • #2
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Steven Banks
14 discussion posts
Same thing here, but this is a Sticky Notes issue for sure. For example, I created desktop wallpaper to use as a background for a Kanban board e.g., ToDo!-Doing...-Done! And place my sticky notes accordingly. If those notes aren't on the main monitor, all hell breaks loose when you restart the PC, the PC sleeps, etc. So, as much as I like Sticky Notes, until MSFT has a way to lasso all notes for a drag & drop, I won't use them. I moved my Kanban board to OneNote.
Sep 3, 2022  • #3
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