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Windows user share Monitor & window position profiles

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Good Day,
We purchased a license to test with, and it has been very encouraging.
I have 70+ machines that have from 3-5 monitors. Lately some 3 monitor windows users have begun sitting at 5 monitor set up, causing them enter support tickets to get two monitors excluded. (the reverse has also started, meaning 3 monitor set ups have become 5 monitor set up, making the 3 monitor users VERY unhappy at their home machine)
The monitor and windows position profiles look like they might fit the bill, allowing the users to help themselves much faster than opening a ticket and waiting for tech support to get them into their desired setup. BUT I can not seem to find a way to apply the changes to any windows user who logs into the computer. (I have over 50 users, who play musical chairs on the weekly).
is there a way to export and then load profile at windows log on (command line)? Or a checkbox to force all profiles to use the Monitor & window position profiles?
Thank you so much for the help!
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Hi Kevin,

I think this guide here will help you out: https://www.displayfusion.com/Discussions/View/deploying-customized-settings-to-all-users-on-a-single-machine/?ID=fb7b77eb-7997-4e1b-b91e-0dff1bc1900c#first

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Thank you so much for the prompt response. And almost exactly what we were discussing if you did not have a programmatic answer.
We saw a major downside to this approach, was repeated chances to incur registry corruption.
I will look to improve the bat file so it only updates once for each user logging in.
Thank you again.
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