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Windows Virtual Desktop & DisplayFusion - Working

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I just started using DisplayFusion and like much about it. I think I just resolved a full-stop issue that has persisted for some time and was a barrier to my adopting DisplayFusion. Posting my config in case it helps others.

I use virtual desktops in a Win10 Pro (64b) system with two monitors connected to my graphics card and one virtual monitor on a laptop created by use of SpaceDesk. So, in effect, I have three monitors.

I had the issue when using DisplayFusion where all the windows on my non-primary displays would appear on all 4 of my virtual desktops. I seem to have resolved that issue.

Two configuration changes:
    * Adjust DisplayFusion Settings
    * Adjust Windows Task Bar Settings

Below are the steps I took:
    * Adjust DisplayFusion Settings:
    * Disable "Enable Multi-Monitor Taskbars (show a taskbar on each monitor)
    * Right click on the windows task bar and select "Taskbar settings"
    * Scroll down to the Multiple Displays section:
    * Under "Multiple displays", enable taskbars on all displays
    * Open drop-down and select "Taskbar where window is open"

That should enable the set of behaviors desired.
    * I can alt-tab through open apps (limited to those on the currently active desktop)
    * Window icons appear on the taskbar on the associate monitor where the app is
    * Ctrl+Win+L arrow or R arrow cycles through virtual desktops and they all function normally

If you want a window to appear on all desktops (in the same position) follow these steps:
    * Ensure task view is enabled by right clicking on the Windows task bar and selecting "Show Task View button"
    * Click the taskbar button to see your virtual desktops
    * Hover mouse over window to display on all virtual desktops and right click.
    * Select "Show this window on all desktops"

I use a VoIP phone and have the dialer pinned to always appear on the far right side of all my virtual desktops. Works great for me.
Credit to Kristopher Walsh in post below that is part of the solution that works for me.
• Attachment: DFTaskbarSettings.jpg [179,909 bytes]
• Attachment: PinWindowToAllVDesktops.jpg [77,029 bytes]
• Attachment: WinTaskbarSettings.jpg [266,891 bytes]
Jun 9, 2022 (modified Jun 9, 2022)  • #1
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David Jeffrey - ICreate Solutions357635
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Thanks for posting. I'd written off using both Display fusion and virtual desktops for years. Best of both worlds = happy days! :)
Dec 14, 2022  • #2
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I tried this, but I'm still having the issue when I alt-tab after switching virtual desktops where it will alt-tab to a window on the last virtual desktop and switch back to that virtual desktop. This is only fixed if I left click every time I switch virtual desktops in order for that desktop to be focused.
5 days ago  • #3
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