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Working in background pointer

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In Windows 10 Pro 20H2 build 19042.685, after installing the latest beta version of DisplayFusion my mouse pointer started constantly flashing to the "Working in Background" pointer (see image). I reverted to DisplayFusion version 9.7.1 and the issue was immediately resolved. Not a real big deal but it was very annoying.
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5 days ago  • #1
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same for me - I'm on Windows 7 with Aero off
5 days ago  • #2
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Having the same issue as well on 9.7.2 beta 2.
5 days ago  • #3
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Same issue here. Cursor flickers to working in background animation every second for a moment.

Stops immediately after shutting down DisplayFusion 9.7.2. Beta 2. Windows Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042.

(Unsure if related, but I have a suspicion there's something wonky going on with the system hooks for apps as it's showing up frequently on Process Lasso.)
4 days ago (modified 4 days ago)  • #4
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Rei Onryou
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I'm also experiencing this. I can confirm that it stops when closing Display Fusion and returns when starting it up again.
4 days ago  • #5
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Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)
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This issue should be fixed up in the latest beta, available here: https://www.displayfusion.com/Download/Beta. Please let me know if you still run into any trouble after updating.

3 days ago  • #6
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