Working with Mouse Management

DisplayFusion has a variety of options on the Mouse Management tab that can help you use the mouse more efficiently across multiple monitors. Below, we'll break down each option and explain what they do.

  1. Allow the mouse wheel to scroll windows under the mouse cursor that are not in focus: This feature will allow you to scroll up or down in using the mouse wheel when hovering over any application window, even if it's not the currently focused window. This comes in handy in situations like having a Word document open on one screen, and a website open on the other screen. You can keep the keyboard focus on Word, but still scroll up/down in the web browser with the mouse. In Windows 7, DisplayFusion handles this behaviour. In Windows 10, this functionality is built-in, so the option in the DisplayFusion Settings just enables/disables the Windows option for this.
  2. Wrap mouse cursor around left/right monitor edges: Normally when you move the monitor to the far edge of a monitor, it stops. When this feature is enabled, moving the mouse to the far edge will cause it to wrap around to the other far edge. For example, with two monitors side-by-side, you can move the mouse to the far left of the left monitor, and it will continue moving on the far right of the right monitor.
  3. Wrap mouse cursor around top/bottom monitor edges: This feature behaves the same as the left/right wrapping (see above), but with the top/bottom instead.
  4. Only wrap mouse cursor when more than one monitor is connected: When either mouse wrapping option (see above) is enabled, this option will only allow the mouse to wrap if there's more than one monitor connected and enabled.
  5. Prevent mouse cursor from snagging on unaligned monitor edges: If you've got monitors with different screen resolutions, you may run into issues with the mouse getting stuck when trying to move it between the two monitors. This is because one monitor has a shorter edge than the other monitor, and Windows only allows the mouse to cross where both monitor edges line up. If you enable this feature, you can cross the mouse over at any part of either monitor edge.
  6. Prevent mouse cursor from sticking in Sticky Corners: Windows will catch the mouse in the corners to prevent accidental movement to the other monitor when intending to click on elements in the corners (Start button, window close button, show desktop button). Enabling this feature will allow you to move the mouse to the other monitor without it getting caught in the corners.

If you have any questions at all about the Mouse Management features, or anything else, please feel free to contact us!

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